Development Starter Kit, RZRAVEN USB Stick, 2.4GHz

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ATmega1280, ATmega1280R231, ATmega128RZAV
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The ATAVRZUSBSTICK is an USB module that comes along with ATAVRZRAVEN development kit. The RZRAVEN kit is built from one RZUSBSTICK module and two AVRRAVEN modules. ATAVRZUSBSTICK has AT90USB1287 mcu which is a device in the family of AVRs with a low and full speed USB macro with device, host and on-the-go (OTG) capabilities. The AT86RF230 is a 2.4GHz radio transceiver that is tailored for a wide range of wireless applications. Low power consumption and market leading RF performance makes it an excellent choice for virtually any type of networking device. AT90USB1287's 8kB of internal SRAM can be extended through the AVR external memory interface. The suggested external SRAM is 32kB and is available from address 0x8000 to 0xFFFF giving a total of 40kB when assembled. A JTAG interface is provided for the AT90USB1287 microcontroller. The interface is available through a 50mil spaced 10pin dual row header.
  • AT86RF230 radio transceiver with miniature PCB antenna
  • AVR microcontroller AT90USB1287 with integrated full speed USB interface
  • External memory interface
  • 4 LED's is assembled on the board
  • JTAG interface is provided for the AT90USB1287 microcontroller


Building Automation, Security, Consumer Electronics, Audio, Imaging, Video & Vision, Industrial, Lighting, Metering, Portable Devices, Wireless


90 Day Warranty only. After Expiration of Warranty returns must be processed via Microchip.

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