FTDI  VSHLD-EMR  Ethernet RTC MP3 Shield, Decodes Audio Files/Hardwired TCP/IP Stack/Time & Date Info, SPI, RJ45

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The VSHLD-EMR is a FTDI Vinco Ethernet MP3 RTC Shield, designed to connect directly to the FTDI Vinco development PCB. The shield will allow the Vinculum-II (VNC2) device on the Vinco PCB to access an Ethernet port which uses the Wiznet W5100 chipset, audio files using the VLSI VS1053b CODEC and access a Real Time Clock using the NXP PCF32123 device. These 3 functions are accessed via the VNC2 SPI Master mode. Vinco is a development module based on the FTDI Vinculum-II (VNC2) dual channel USB host/slave controller IC. Vinco is designed as a prototyping platform for VNC2 based designs and applications. The mechanical form of the module and the concept of providing free software development library and tools, is inspired by the Arduino concept. Vinco is a superset of the Duemilanove/Uno with 2 extra rows of headers providing an extra 10 pins.
  • Uses VLSI VS1053b audio CODEC, decodes various audio files (Ogg Vorbis/MP3/AAC/WMA/FLAC/WAV/MIDI)
  • Uses Wiznet W5100 Ethernet chipset, hardwired TCP/IP stack supports TCP/UDP/ICMP/IPv4 ARP/IGMP/PPPoE
  • Uses NXP PC2123 RTC chipset, provides time and date information
  • SPI interface, data transfer over the SPI bus to the Vinco via pin headers
  • 3.5mm audio socket, provides the audio signal for headphones or amplifier
  • MP3 audio files player, provides access to MP3 files from USB drive
  • RJ45 Ethernet connector, inbuilt speed indicator LED's and Ethernet magnetic
  • 4 Ethernet traffic LEDs, RX/TX/collision/full duplex indication
  • 5V operation, power supplied from Vinco baseboard
  • Onboard 3V3 regulator, driven from 5V supply to power ICs
  • Onboard 1V8 regulator, used by the VS1053b
  • MIC input to the audio codec stereo audio line out
  • Mates with the Vinco development platform
  • FTDI Integrated Development Environment (IDE) including code editor, compiler and debugger
  • Free software libraries and drivers (SPI master, GPIO, RTC, Ethernet and MP3 drivers) for accessing


Silicon Manufacturer:
Core Architecture:
Core Sub-Architecture:
Silicon Core Number:
PC2123, VS1053B, W5100
Silicon Family Name:
For Use With:
FTDI VNCLO-MB1A Vinco Development Modules
Kit Contents:
Ethernet RTC MP3 Shield
Product Range:
Decodes Audio Files/Hardwired TCP/IP Stack/Time & Date Info, SPI Interface, RJ45 Ethernet Connector
No SVHC (12-Jan-2017)

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