204-0003-31 - 

IC Adapter, SC/SOT to DIP, 2.54mm Pitch Spacing, 17.78mm Row Pitch

SCHMARTBOARD 204-0003-31

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8-SOT-23, 6-SC-70, 6-SOT-323, SOT-353, SOT-363
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The 204-0003-31 is a SOIC to DIP Adapter with a twist and 2.54mm pitch spacing. It contains quantity 2 boards for SOT23 (up to 8 legs), with a 0.95mm pitch, quantity 2 boards for SOT323, SOT353, SOT363 parts with a 0.65mm pitch and quantity 2 boards for SC70 (up to 6 legs) with a 0.65mm pitch. A standard row of 40 headers has been included as a bonus for user convenience. It uses EZ technology which makes hand soldering surface-mount fast, easy and flawless. It has pre routed traces to minimize the use of wire jumpers. It has easy access to copper ground. It makes it possible to breadboard surface-mount components. In this bundle you get two of these boards plus a free 830 test point breadboard. This top quality breadboard contains 830 tie points including four independent common bus lines for easy connections to common lines. This breadboard also has interlocking features that allow you to connect them together to make larger boards.