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Evaluation Module, Motor Driver, MSP430, Power Management

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Power Management - Motor Control
Evaluation Board DRV8834, MCU Control Software Source Code, Easy to Use GUI, USB Cable
Texas Instruments
Motor Driver
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The DRV8834EVM is an evaluation module for DRV8834, a low voltage dual H-bridge driver and highly configurable power stage. This device has been optimized to drive either two brushed DC motors, a single bipolar stepper with up to 32 degrees of internally generated microstepping, or a single bipolar stepper with high resolution externally generated microstepping. In this evaluation module, high resolution is meant to imply 512 degrees of microstepping, but higher resolution, as given by any given DAC resource, can be implemented. The evaluation module houses an MSP430 microcontroller and an USB interface chip. The USB chip allows for serial communications from a PC computer where a Windows application is used to schedule serial commands. These commands can be used to control each of the device's signals, or control both devices at the same time to drive a stepper motor.
  • Microstep using DRV8834 internal indexer, on board MSP430, or external MCU
  • On board potentiometers allows for adjusting Vref and decay ratio, blanking time and off time
  • Control and status signals brought out to test headers for easy evaluation
  • Headers and a simple jumper are provided so that the DRV8834 can be driven with choice of MCU
  • Advanced graphical user interface


Motor Drive & Control, Consumer Electronics, Robotics, Building Automation, Hobby & Education, Security, Imaging, Video & Vision

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