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We offer a large selection of aluminium polymer capacitors and tantalum polymer capacitors.

What are polymer capacitors?

Polymer capacitors are a type of electrolytic capacitor which make an excellent choice for any design that needs long life, stable capacitance, small size and high reliability. Polymer capacitors include conductive polymer in an aluminium layered design. These capacitors provide long-term reliability, lower ESR, several package options and some special features like a conductive polymer in place of a liquid electrolyte. These capacitors have very good behaviour against voltage and temperature bias effects and well as good aging characteristics.Different types of polymer capacitor include layered polymer, wound polymer, polymer tantalum, and polymer hybrid aluminium.

What are polymer capacitors used for?

Polymer capacitor applications include the following:
  1. Polymer capacitors can frequently be found on computer motherboards, particularly on server motherboards.
  2. These capacitors are helpful in stabilizing the voltage from a power source in a sensitive circuit to reduce power noise.
  3. These can be used for signal decoupling and power bypass and to reduce power noise and signal noise generated by an active device which can be transferred to the power source to affect other devices which are connected to that power source.
  4. Polymer capacitors are used where a large ripple current is allowed because of low ESR like switched DC-DC converters, buck-boost converters, etc.
  5. A capacitor with less ESR is preferable to enhance power efficiency and safety in overheating and overloading cases.

What are the advantages of polymer capacitors?

The advantages of polymer capacitors include the following.
  1. These capacitors offer long life, high capacitance within small packages, high reliability, and other electrical characteristics as below.
  2. High ripple current capability.
  3. Stable operation with respect to changes in temperature and bias voltage
  4. Good high frequency performance, including low impedance and ESR.
  5. Elimination of the acoustic noise created by ceramic capacitors (piezo effect)
  6. Wide operating temperature range, typically from -55 to +105 or +125 degrees C or more
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