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resistors are an ideal choice for designers in a wide range of demanding markets such as automotive, industrial, aerospace, medical, instrumentation and power conversion. KOA is a byword in the industry for excellent quality and reliability and majority of KOA products are tested according to AEC-Q200. Quality is of utmost importance to KOA, resulting in the most reliable components in their class. Farnell stocks an extensive range of KOA products.

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High reliability thin-film precision resistors

With a T.C.R. down to ±5 ppm and a tolerance as low as ±0.05 %, KOA's range of thin film resistors is ideal for high precision circuits in various industrial and measuring applications. There are two series available - the RN73H and RN73R. The RN73H has better moisture resistance and promises long-term stability.

Pulse tolerant and anti-surge resistors

These resistors are suitable for protection of electronic circuits against extreme pulses and surges, especially in IO protection, snubber and gate drive circuits. The series has up to 10 times the pulse handling capability of standard chip resistors of the same size. The use of these parts means that few parts can be used leading to substantial space savings.

Wide terminal resistors for high power density

Having the terminals on the long side of the resistor allows up to 3 times the power rating of a similar sized part with terminations on the more conventional short side. Also, the closeness of the terminals reduces thermal stress between the resistor and the PCB significantly. These parts are perfect for high power density circuits and gate drives.

Shunts for Current Sensing

KOA's TLR series of current sensing resistors is ideal for power control circuits such as motor control units, DC-DC converters and CPU current sensing. The special trimming eliminates hotspots giving a more reliable device with low parasitic inductance.

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