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Purrmetrix have developed new and cost effective way of creating and utilising environmental data, including temperature, humidity, movement (PIR), light and CO2.

By collecting the data live to the internet, Purrmetrix sensors offer a new approach to the often frustrating task of collecting and making sense of environmental data. Using Purrmetrix removes the need for collecting hardware and downloading data from loggers so you can get your data in real time without worrying about sampling rate, data limits or configuration.

Set up is easy - dedicated small lightweight sensors that last over 3 years per battery, connect wirelessly to a Purrmetrix gateway, and can be placed wherever you need them to be. 200 sensors per gateway offers as many as you need to allow full coverage of any site.

The gateway sends the data in real time to the Purrmetrix servers, where a comprehensive array of analytical templates allow you to see the information graphically, in real time or replay able (and download) over a timescale you choose. Customers in a huge range of industries use web service for constant (and consistent) monitoring, alerting, reporting, recording, analysis and action.


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