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is a global supplier of high-performance analog and mixed-signal integrated product solutions for data acquisition, signal conditioning, and power management systems, with over 4000 product part numbers from 28 product categories. SGMICRO is a public company with headquarters in Beijing, China, and is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange under the stock code 300661. The company currently has around 1300 employees, working from around 20 regional office locations globally to provide local support to a wide range of applications in the segments of industrial, communications, computing, automotive, and various battery-powered equipment.

New Products

42 V high-efficiency, low quiescent current synchronous buck converter for industrial control systems with 600 mA, output current


Wide 5V to 42V Operating Input Voltage Range
Low Quiescent Current: 14μA (TYP)
Shutdown Current: 0.6μA (TYP)
Current Output up to 600mA
1.2MHz Switching Frequency
Internal Compensation and Soft-Start
Up to 95% Efficiency at 12V/400mA
0.8V to 20V Adjustable Output Voltage
Current Limit and Short-Circuit Protection
Power-Save Mode and PWM Mode Operation
Monotonic Startup with Pre-biased Output
90% Maximum Duty Cycle
Operating Temperature Range: -40℃ to +125℃
Available in a Green SOT-23-6 Package


High Voltage Power Conversions
Automotive Systems
Industrial Power Systems
Distributed Power Systems
Battery Powered Systems


Low Noise, High Slew Rate, High Voltage, Rail-to-Rail I/O CMOS Operational Amplifier for Industrial Application with 60° phase margin


Rail-to-Rail Input and Output
Phase Margin 60° @ 50pF cap-load
Input Common Mode and Differential Voltage Ranges up to Vs
Low Offset Voltage: 2.8mV (MAX)
Low Noise: 15nV/sqrt(Hz) at 1kHz
Gain-Bandwidth Product: 2.5MHz
High Slew Rate: 8V/μs
Operating Temperature Range: -40℃ to +125℃
Available in Green SOIC-8 Packages


High Impedance Sensor
Photodiode Amplifier
High End, Professional Audio
DAC Output Amplifierq


20V, 300mA, Low Dropout Regulator with Current Limiting and Thermal Protection for High Reliability Industrial Application


Operating Input Voltage Range: 2.5V to 20V
Fixed Outputs of 1.2V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V and 5.0V
Adjustable Output from 1.2V to 12V
300mA Output Current
Output Voltage Accuracy: ±1% at +25℃
Low Dropout: 80mV (TYP) at 100mA, VOUT = 3.3V
High PSRR: 100dB (TYP) at 1kHz
Current Limiting and Thermal Protection
With Output Automatic Discharge
Stable with Small Case Size Ceramic Capacitors
Shutdown Supply Current: 0.5μA (TYP)
Operating Temperature Range: -40℃ to +125℃
Available in a Green SOT-23-5 Package


Palmtop Computers
Portable Electronics
Industrial and Medical Equipment
Battery-Powered Equipment
Energy Meters


30V input high voltage Low Dropout 3 Terminal Positive Regulator with 1.5A maximum output current for robust Industrial Application


Wide Input Voltage Range: 2.8V to 30V
Adjustable Output from 1.25V to 26V
Fixed Outputs of 1.8V, 2.5V, 2.8V, 3.0V, 3.3V, 5.0V and 12V
1.5A Maximum Output Current
Low Dropout Voltage: 1.3V (TYP) at 1.5A
Line Regulation: 0.04% (TYP)
Load Regulation: 0.04% (TYP)
Current Limiting and Thermal Protection
Excellent Load and Line Transient Responses
Stable with Small Case Size Ceramic Capacitors
Operating Temperature Range: -40℃ to +125℃
Available in Green TO-263-3A Packages


Battery Chargers
Microprocessor Supplies
Switching Power Supplies
Constant Current Monitoring System

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