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R&S®RTB2000 Oscilloscope

The R&S®RTB2000 oscilloscopes come with a bandwidth of up to 300Mhz and two- or four-channel models. Its 10' touch screen, modern interface and high sampling rate guarantee its fit for embedded design development, production and service, as well as education markets.

R&S®NGP800 DC Power Supply Series

The R&S®NGP800 DC power supply series is represented by five instruments with a maximum power ranging from 400W to 800W. Its high performance and galvanically isolated outputs make R&S®NGP800 suitable for a broad variety of use cases: from automotive to general purpose.

R&S®FPC1500 Spectrum Analyser

As an expert in RF technology, Rohde & Schwarz has created this compact, budget-friendly spectrum analyser with a built-in tracking generator, high-resolution display and built-in VSWR bridge.

R&S®RTM3000 Oscilloscope

The R&S®RTM3000 oscilloscope is a perfect tool on every engineer's test bench. With a bandwidth up to 1 Ghz, memory depth up to 80 Msample and a 10-bit ADC resolution, R&S®RTM3000 is a a great choice for power electronics, embedded design, manufacturing and education.

R&S®MXO 4 Oscilloscope

R&S®MXO 4 delivers signal details through the world's fastest real-time update rate of 4.5 million waveforms. It is perfect for serial bus analysis, EMI debugging and power integrity.

R&S®NGA DC Power Supply Series

R&S®NGA DC power supplies are linear, compact and provide up to 200V of power. With features such as data logging, arbitrary waveforms, built-in statistics and remote sensing make the instruments ideal for various bench applications such as data logging, arbitrary waveforms, built-in statistics and remote sensing make the instruments ideal for various bench applications.

R&S®NGU source measure units

R&S®NGU source measure unit (SMU) offers a two- or four-quadrant architecture, allowing them to function both as a source and a sink. Combined with a very fast load recovery time and high accuracy, R&S®NGU SMU from Rohde & Schwarz is a great fit for challenging applications.

R&S®FPL1000 signal and spectrum analyser

The R&S®FPL1000 spectrum analyser is an indispensable RF tool with a frequency range of 5 kHz to 26.5 GHz and support for highly accurate power measurement, analysis of analog and digitally modulated signals and classical spectrum analysis functionality.

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